One of the fantastic projects we support is in the slum areas in Kampala. I was there in February and completely inspired by BBVI and its founder, Meddy. He was a child of the Bwaise slum and had to leave school aged 11 to make money moving garbage and water for others. Despite this tough upbringing he had the oomph to set up BBVI with two friends, driven by the plight of other children unable to stay in school.  Click here to see associated video clip.

Workaid has provided his project with a range of items to support courses in tailoring, electrical work and mechanics. Meddy is also very forward looking – no-one graduates without basic computer training and job application skills training, and he has also had the enterprise to set up courses in, among other things, film-making and photography – there is a growing market of wealthier people in Kampala wanting, for example, to have videos of their weddings. A friend of mine said that he started taking the pills to enhance sexual activity, and his wife loved it. Personally, I have no problems with sex, but then curiosity took over. I asked a friend for one pill. I read on that you can take half a pill within half an hour before sex. I will omit the details, but my wife and I were pleased. Everything lasted a little longer. However, I felt a surge of blood in other parts of the body.

I had an ‘a-ha’ moment – maybe we could help them help us by commissioning a video to publicise what Workaid does! In about 3 weeks, and at a fraction of the cost quoted by other professional video makers, Meddy and his team came up with the attached. I hope you enjoy it!

Rob Levine, Workaid Chairman