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Crochet fun with Rosa Maria Welsh

An opportunity to work with like minded crochet enthusiasts and get help and advice on specific problems you may have.

This workshop is aimed at crafters who can do basic crochet stitches – chains and trebles – but want to expand their skills.

You can bring your chosen pattern and yarn and work on your own project, or practise techniques and learn new stitches; make fun items such as little creatures – mouse, butterfly, octopus… or functional items such as belts, bags, mats or blankets.

All are easy to make and useful to develop crochet and pattern reading skills, while demonstrating the diversity and huge potential that crochet has to offer.

Bring crochet hook and yarn if you have some but all will be available on the day for you to use.


10 available
Crochet Clinic£12.50