Godfrey, Albert Valley Institute of Vocational Studies

Godfrey completed his training in carpentry at the end of 2022 from Albert Valley Institute of Vocational Studies. Prior to attending the training course Godfrey was a subsistence farmer. Having lost his wife in 2021 leaving him to care for their five children, ages 3 to 6, he decided to learn a trade in order to better provide for his children.

Shortly after graduating he set up a small business in Kasese producing bedframes, chairs and cupboards. A very high level of craftsmanship is evident in Godfrey’s work. He creates intricate carvings in the headboards for beds. He now employs a trainee and besides teaching carpentry skills he also provides food and soap for him to wash his hands after work.

Godfrey initially struggled with a lack of tools but he was identified as a potential recipient of Workaid tools, which has allowed him to strengthen his business and recruit trainees.

Godfrey is able to send his children to school and he hopes that in 5 years’ he will have a bigger workshop and a plot of land to build a house on for his family.