Workaid is delighted to be taking part in this year’s Heritage Open Day on Sunday, 9th September from 10am to 3.45pm.

Workaid’s Old Boot Factory is an atmospheric Victorian industrial building. Our volunteers will be giving tours of the workshops to provide a fascinating glimpse into the scale of Workaid’s operation in alleviating poverty in East Africa and in the UK.

There are 18 Heritage sites to visit throughout Chesham, all within walking distance, plus many more to see in Amersham.

This year Heritage Open Days is celebrating 100 years of the Universal Suffrage Act, come and learn how Workaid believes in equality of opportunity for all from its headquarters in the last operating boot factory in Chesham.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Workaid moving to Chesham, during which time we’ve been able to re-pay the loan and now own the premises outright, securing the charity’s future in the area.  Indeed, Workaid feels very much part of the local community:

  • our successful shop continues to raise money and awareness for the work we do in providing tools and machinery for those in need, enabling people to learn skills and secure employment
  • the number of containers sent to Africa each year has risen from six to eight since moving to Chesham, plus many more non-container projects, increasing the number of people able to better their lives and the future lives of their families
  • volunteers enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy the company of other interesting volunteers from all walks of life
  • The Hub provides a safe and caring atmosphere for people with learning difficulties to develop social skills, teamwork and other practical skills
  • The Hive provides a range of craft demonstrations and workshops throughout the month in a friendly environment and has a developed a good following of participants for its classes, as well as the popular Craft Supplies sales

In the past we’ve had many visitors whose relatives used to work in the Old Boot Factory, formerly owned by Giffard Newton.  They’ve been delighted to see the place put to good use and see the changes that have been made and continue to be made.

Come along and see for yourself on Sunday, 9th September.

Thanks to The Chesham Society for organising the event in Chesham.  For more information: Heritage Open Days

UPDATE:  Here are some pictures of the successful Heritage Open Day at Workaid

HOD Workaid

Visit Workaid for Heritage Open Day 2018