It’s International Volunteer Day! A time for both Workaid and our volunteers to promote the impact of their work on their communities on a local, national and international level.

Here at Workaid, we talk a lot about the lifespan your donations have in creating sustainable change in communities. Workaid has sent over 100 containers to Africa since 1994 each containing over 80 tonnes of equipment. Feedback collected from 29 projects from a sample of 7 containers highlights the direct effect of Workaid’s donations. It has generated 510 new trainees on tailoring, 176 carpentry trainees and 180 mechanic trainees. Furthermore, this sample also highlighted the increase in the number of people involved in the project prior and post Workaid’s involvement. In Kenya going from 173 to 199, in Zambia rising from 212 to 446 and most impressive of all in Tanzania surging from 424 to 718.

Additionally, this feedback also found that a total of 711 are working to develop their own businesses, that 479 are in paid employment using their new skills and that 924 peoples living conditions have improved. These statistics prove even looking at 5% of containers we’ve sent and a small sample of projects that we have worked with the influence Workaid has in creating a sustainable change. It’s important to take into consideration that Workaids reach doesn’t stop there as we partner with a number of other charities who also do fantastic work as well as our UK projects.

This year, in particular, is focusing on recognizing how volunteers contribution helps to ‘build resilient communities’ in the face of natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks.

In light of this celebratory day, it’s not only important to promote Workaid achievements but also to take time to commend our dedicated community of volunteers. Our volunteers come from a variety of professional backgrounds from an orthopaedic surgeon to BA pilot, from every type of engineer to HR director and from oil tanker driver to teachers including a headmistress and everything in between. All of which bring their own experience and knowledge that they have cultivated throughout their careers. It’s so important that every aspect of Workaid has this diversity because they bring their skills and unique outlook to any task. Amazingly we also have volunteers that have been with Workaid from the beginning in 1986 and majoritively once people join the team at Workaid, they don’t want to leave. We also have a number of volunteers who have used Workaid as a stepping stone in their career to help build their skill set and as a confidence booster.

We are proud to promote the efforts of Workaid to provide sustainable change by supporting vocational training programmes both in the UK and in Africa. As well as this, it wouldn’t be possible without our growing team of wonderful volunteers whom all deserve a round of applause.

If you’re feeling inspired to volunteer yourself read more on our website about how you can get involved.

Alternatively,  if you would like to support Workaid and are looking for presents for your loved ones this Christmas have a look at our Practical Gifts. Practical gifts have a direct impact in helping break the chain of poverty in East Africa, enabling someone to learn a new skill. This is a perfect gift for those that are difficult to buy for and for the first time you can now buy online.