Zambia has one of the world’s fastest growing populations with almost 50% of Zambians under the age of 15. This statistic reinforces the importance of supporting training centres that provide skills training for young people enabling them to become economically self sufficient.

Our Partner Caritas

Workaid’s partner in Zambia is Caritas (Lusaka). Caritas is the development arm of the Roman Catholic Church who coordinate the delivery of Workaid containers in Zambia on our behalf. An important part of any country visit is to make sure that these partnerships are running smoothly.

During their visit in 2015 Chairman, Rob Levine and Moyra Zaman had meetings with representatives of the Zambian Government to discuss how Workaid could work more closely with them in the future. Two key areas of support were established; firstly to harness the potential of Zambia’s youth (under 30), and secondly to introduce skills training for prisoners and ex-offenders with the objective of reducing re-offending.

Supporting the rehabilitation of offenders in Zambia

Gladwell Jere had no formal education or training and drifted into crime involving a series of robberies in Ndola Township. He was subsequently sentenced to five years with hard labour at the State prison.

During his sentence, Gladwell demonstrated his desire to reform and was accepted onto a twelve month tailoring course leading to a Government approved test under TEVETA (Technical, Education and Entrepreneurship Training Authority). The training and support was provided by Prison Fellowship Zambia (PZF), which works in partnership with the Zambia Prison Service. On release, Gladwell was given a sewing machine which had been provided to PZF by Workaid. Gladwell has now bought two further sewing machines and is taking on an apprentice.

With the support of Workaid and its partner organisations, Gladwell is now generating a regular monthly income, enabling him to provide for his family, pay school fees for his children and provide work for others in his community.

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