Workaid’s main focus has always been to enable self-sufficiency and support sustainable change. Langas Self Help Group in Eldoret, Kenya received their donated tools and equipment in December 2016. Almost two and a half years on their feedback shows the huge strides that have been made in this time.

Having gained 118 new trainees since Workaid’s donations on top of their 165 existing participants, a plethora of new skills have been learnt. With knitting and mechanics being the most in-demand, with 41 and 45 new respective trainees. Additionally metalwork, tailoring and carpentry average at 31 new trainees each. Now they’re able to offer more courses than ever including accounting, computing and catering services.

Subsequently, 85 group members are now in paid employment using their new skills. While they state that over 300 people have indirectly found employment. Either by supplying goods to projects or through business owners connected to the project. Furthermore, 60 members have stated that they are sharing their skills with other people. While 25 members are now developing their own businesses using their skills.

Idisha Story (left)

One particular recipient, Idisha Makove, was disabled and homeless prior to joining Langas Self Help Group. Having fled Uganda during clashes in 1986 he sought asylum in Kenya. He was taken in by the project in 2016 having lived over 25 years on the streets. Makove’s determination enabled him to train as a tailor come shoemaker and now has a workshop using his skills. Undeterred by the challenges in his life he now earns good money which his wife and two children are dependent on his income. His story highlights that despite his disability he is still able to thrive and earn a living. Amazingly Makove has encouraged enrollment as many others are eager to emulate him.


As always the effects of your donations have surpassed initial impacts, influencing their community. Developing infrastructure with improved roads, access to water and other amenities. By extension this has made the Self Help Group more accessible, bringing in more trainees. Additionally, the community has made further developments with social amenities such as churches and sports groups. This in turn has led to a reduction of social and economic problems. Finally, they have recorded that their community poverty level has reduced by 10%. The Self Help Group plans to continue to expand, ensuring more people have access to training.

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