A real positive from the election is that the 0.7% of GDP aid commitment is less under threat. If that budget was as well-used as Workaid’s funds, I think the difference it would make could be amazing! I am constantly moved by how our tentacles spread in so many ways. Just in the last couple of days …

  • We have delivered 32 bikes to Krizevac who are sending them to help the needy in Malawi
  • I met a new volunteer from the head injuries unit who was sparkling with excitement as he set to work sorting nails and screws into sets
  • I re-watched our new video and was inspired again by the brilliant Muslim who has founded a project we support, helping people from Kampala slums learn new skills, and
  • Talked with Richard F about the complete refurb of our Hub/Hive we are about to embark on, which will provide a better environment both for our learning disability volunteers who do such valuable work for us … and for the local community groups who teach there

At risk of sounding selfish, being here makes me feel happy too! The sense of fun at tea breaks is palpable – do come and find us and join in!

– Rob Levine, Workaid Chairman