At Workaid we are grateful for all donations of tools and equipment that come our way. From those that come with a personal history and story attached. To those that have been long forgotten and unused collecting dust in the depths of your loft. Your donations support Workaid and our recipients in several ways. Whether it goes out to East Africa to any of our wonderful recipients in a container. Where it will support vocational training projects empowering disadvantaged people to learn a skill. Otherwise, it may be sold in our shop, on our eBay or at an event we are hosting or attending. Moreover, the benefits it brings to our volunteers by using their talents to service, fix, sort tools and equipment. Hello, I’ve been having sleeping problems for several years. I take everything to heart and worry about every little thing. I don’t get enough sleep, as I fall asleep only in the morning. I can’t normally get up and get ready for work. I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I went to the private doctor who prescribed me an anxiolytic remedy called Xanax. I was worried that it would slow me down during the day. I didn’t want to feel drowsy and have other bad consequences. He assured me that if I would take it right before sleep (and given that I go to bed on time), the sleep will normalize and I will feel no weakness in the morning- only a good mood. And that’s how it was. I strongly recommend it to the people who have sleeping problems.

However, changes have been made within the Buckinghamshire Council which mean that Workaid will incur charges for the disposal of quite a few items. With this more selective list, we can help reduce waste and unnecessary costs to the charity. Workaid has created comprehensive lists of the items we now accept and no longer accept. As you can see all of the items we still accept can be used to support someone in the acquisition of a new trade. Your generous donations will continue to help tackle poverty making a huge difference to people lives.

For more information on how you can donate tools either at our workshop or find your nearest drop off point.

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