Here at Workaid, we love to get feedback from our partner charities and to follow where our donations go, Vision Peoples in Mission (VPM) is deserving of the highest praise for all their amazing work in Kenya. Vision Peoples in Mission (VPM) is a non-profit Christian organisation working in Korogocho, Kenya doing incredible work to support disadvantaged and poverty-stricken people.

In 1993 VPM opened Haven School, which offers primary age education and has now up to 222 regular school-going children with 11 qualified teachers. What’s more, VPM also has a running feeding programme providing a breakfast of porridge and the main meal at lunch, which many children are reliant upon. Not only does this act as an additional motivator for children to continue coming to school, but it aids them in concentrating throughout the day so that they can make the most of the time in class. The work that VPM doesn’t end out of term time, as they continue to support children who have struggled to gain a firm grasp on the curriculum content by providing extra tuition as well as continuing with their feeding programme for homeless children who have yet to be absorbed by the orphanage.

Furthermore, children that have been orphaned either as a result of their parents passing away from HIV/AIDS, disease or due to crime-related activity, or they have run away, and the VPM orphanage prevents them from attempting to fend for themselves by scavenging through the dumpsites. VPM has successfully found foster homes for 51 children and is at full capacity with 22 children awaiting sponsors before moving onto foster homes.

In 2001 VPM opened their medical clinic for local residents, who otherwise would have no access to healthcare provisions and therefore the fees for many patients are waived as they are unable to afford them. The clinic although only a small site with 8 beds sees an average of 200 inpatients and 700 outpatients a month tackling common waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and malaria as well as STDs, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS which VPM records that most patients suffer from.

Many families in Korogocho fall into financial hardship, struggling to make ends meet and due to an array of circumstances women are often left to support large families having potentially received little to no education themselves. VPM is empowering these women by enrolling them in a year-long vocational training programme in tailoring, dressmaking, knitting and embroidery earning them a government accredited qualification. This assists them in acquiring the skills to increase their eligibility for employment or to start their own self-sufficient business.

Workaid was able to donate 33 boxes of tools and machines to this training programme, investing in their future.

If you would like to read more about the work of VPM check out their website.