How to Apply for our Tools

Information on making an Application

Please do not make an application for assistance if you are based in Uganda or Tanzania as we are oversubscribed. This message will be changed when we are open to accept new requests from one or more of these countries.

We are, however, open to receive new applications for Zambia.

We take applications from groups working with orphans, widows, street children, refugees and the disabled as well as those suffering the consequences of HIV/AIDS.

We are also keen to support UK based groups working with vulnerable and unemployed young people in the UK.

To make an application, please read the criteria below carefully before applying.

Application criteria

Groups must already be active. The main beneficiaries should be unemployed youth, widows and orphans, disabled people and people living with HIV/AIDS. Groups should be able to demonstrate financial stability and have suitable premises and secure storage facilities. They must be registered with the appropriate government authorities.

Items we can supply

Tool kits for the following trades: carpentry, masonry, mechanics and motor vehicle maintenance, electrical, plumbing, leatherwork and shoemaking, horticulture, sewing machines and knitting machines.

Items we are unable to supply

Computers or computing equipment, photocopiers, money or financial help in any form

How you can submit your application

To make an application you must:

* Write a letter clearly stating the following:

  • Where you are and the name and address of the group/project
  • What activities your project currently undertakes
  • How many beneficiaries there are
  • What tools/equipment you are asking for

* Read and complete our Terms & Conditions

*  Obtain copy of registration certificates and a reference letter from a local community/church/NGO leader

*  Finally, email your application letter, the signed terms and conditions document and other supporting documents to the following email addresses:

What happens once we receive your application?

They will be reviewed by our Project Review Group.

Sometimes projects may be unsuccessful; this may be because we are overwhelmed with requests, the project is far from areas we are able to visit or assess, or the project does not meet our criteria.

  • Projects will be asked to return a Workaid Application Form giving us more detailed information about their group’s activities
  • If the Workaid Application is approved, our local partner will arrange to visit the project to verify the information you have given and to clarify any details
  • Once approved it may be 6-12 months before you receive your consignment
  • We will contact you when we are about to dispatch the goods and explain your collection procedure when they arrive in your country

Are there any costs to you?

No. Workaid provides the tools and equipment free of charge and pays the cost of transport to our distribution point. This is usually to the base of one of our partners in your country. However, you will need to arrange transport to collect the equipment from our partner, but there will be no charges from our partners.

Questions about the Application process?

Use the form below to send us a message.

Contact Us Form - Apply for Tools