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The Hive


Crafts & Coffee sessions take place in The Hive at Workaid in Chesham on the first Wednesday of each month 10am – 12noon. Everyone is most welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat while working on their current projects. Bring a friend too, and share ideas and skills. It’s a great morning of fun and friendship!

Crafts & Coffee demonstrations and workshops take place on the third Wednesday of each month 10am -12noon. These are led by experienced practising artists and crafts people to provide tasters in a wide variety of subjects – furniture recycling to textiles, knitting, silk ribbon embroidery, willow work, crochet, sewing and many more exciting topics. It’s a chance to work with eminent tutors, many with a national and even international reputation.

Do get in touch with us if you could contribute to this programme of crafts or if you have ideas for new topics.

The Crafts & Coffee programme also offers short courses as follow ups to the tasters, in response to interest in specific subjects. For all enquiries please email

The HIVE at Workaid is a very good space for arts and crafts and it’s available for small private arts and crafts groups (Max 12). Do get in touch with us for more information.

The Annual Crafts Open Day took place on 8th December 2018. This was a chance for different tutors and artists to demonstrate their crafts, allow visitors to join in, take a tour of the workshop, enjoy refreshments, a raffle and sales tables.  Many thanks to all who so generously gave their time and to all our helpers, as well as everyone who visited us. A wonderful time was had by all!  Do take a look at our short video montage of the Crafts Open Day.

Five Years of Crafts at Workaid

This April the Crafts team at Workaid celebrated its fifth birthday and the development and growth that the five years have contributed to this wonderful charity.

  • The crafts mailing list has grown to almost 600 members
  • Several of the crafters have become regular Workaid volunteers
  • The number of participants on crafts activities has grown from 20 per month to over 60 per month
  • Through the crafts, many new people have become aware of Workaid and what it does

Crafters regularly get together and have fun working with recycled materials and donated unfinished projects to create beautiful objects to sell and help with fundraising.

Yoga Bags

The latest project is making lovely bags that are proving very popular with Yoga and Sports people as they are large enough to hold all the equipment. These bags are hand crafted and beautifully lined, with strong handles for durability. Each bag is lightweight and folds up small and flat for easy storage. They are made from new, strong material such as tapestry fabric, cotton prints or hand-made patchwork, to create uniqueness.

Take a look at a time lapse video of one of our bags being packed with everything a Yoga Teacher needs for her class: packing an enormous Yoga Bag!

As one of our satisfied customers, a yoga teacher, says, “These bags are perfect for yoga teachers to carry all their equipment to classes – mats, blocks, straps etc can all be easily accommodated in the one bag & carried more efficiently. I am personally delighted to have found the perfect solution.”

They are machine washable and an absolute bargain at £15.00 – £18.00 + PP and they can be viewed and ordered  on eBay