Helping others to help themselves

Over 2,912 vocational training projects already supported

WORKAID’S Mission and Values

At Workaid we tackle poverty by supplying disadvantaged people with the tools they need to acquire practical skills and become self supporting.

We believe

  1. That self-help is a key driver of sustainable development
  2. In the re-use and re-cycling of our world’s resources
  3. Voluntary work is a foundation stone for positive development
  4. In the practice of non-discrimination, respect and equality of opportunity for all.

Tools and equipment are collected from all over the UK, refurbished and sent to vocational training projects and self-help groups, mostly in East Africa and in the UK.

You can watch a short time lapse video showing volunteers filling Container Emmanuel for Zambia, giving many facts and figures about Workaid’s work HERE

Do also watch our recent video from the A Virtuous Circle blog entry about the slums of Uganda.

You can follow us on our YouTube channel too.