Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin's Story

Benjamin (Benji as he likes to be called) lives with Pat and Trevor, in Amersham, through a Shared Lives Scheme. He lives with them as a family member and joins in everything they do. Benji is 28 years old. 

Benji was unable to travel on his own, but wanted to do something useful away from home. He applied to go to Workaid and was accepted. This gave Benji the reason to start to be able to travel independently. 

Benji looks forward to his visits to Workaid each Monday and Tuesday. He gets himself ready and just before 9am goes out of the house after saying he is on his way to his work. He walks to the bus stop in town and catches the Number 1 bus which takes him to Chesham. Here he will pop into W H Smith to buy himself a drink and then continue his walk to the Workaid workshop. 

Benji has increased his independence through Workaid and comes back home in the afternoon usually saying he has worked on plugs, drill bits or generally helped Barbara. 

Benji enjoys the camaraderie of being in an environment of a variety of characters and sometimes buys a newspaper so he can talk about football or more particularly Chelsea, the team he supports and loves. 

Overall, Benji is very happy with his life and Workaid is now a very important part in that life. Hopefully this will continue and help him develop more skills including listening to instructions and helping others.
(June 2018)

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