Your unwanted tools


We want your unwanted tools and equipment

When you can Donate?

Donations can only be received at our workshop in Chesham on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm and on Fridays between 10am and noon with an appointment which can be made by clicking the Make an Appointment button below. To respect social distancing and for the safety of everyone, we can only accept donations if you have an appointment.

Please make sure the items you donate are on our accepted list (see below) and that any electrical items are in good working order.

We are unable to accept donations of haberdashery items until we have reduced our current stock level. We hope to resume at the beginning of September, when you will need to make an appointment specifically to donate haberdashery. The booking system will be updated in mid-August so please check back with us then. (July 2nd 2021)

What Tools can you Donate?

We rely on your unwanted tools and equipment donations and accept a wide range even if they are vintage or antique. General hand tools are fantastic whether carpentry, horticultural, electrical and engineering but bigger machines such as welding and milling machines are also welcome. Knitting and sewing machines and general haberdashery items are in high demand. Click the Accepted Items image below for a complete list.

Proof is in our success stories. Sammy aged 18 completed a course in Electrical Installation and was able to use the tools donated by Workaid to the Ebusiralo Polytechnic. Beatrice, a disabled mum from Zambia, trained in tailoring using our donated sewing machines and has gone on to run her own business and become a trainer herself.

Accepted Donation Items

Click here to view the List of Accepted/Not Accepted Items list in PDF format.


Click here for information on our response to COVID-19 and how we handle donations.

Donation Ideas

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