Kule, Bulhalo Vocational Training Institute

Kule is a masonry trainee at Bulhalo Vocational Training Institute (BVTI) taking a six-month course. He is undergoing practical training on a project to build a small house. His instructor is very impressed with his work and says he is a ‘natural mason’. Kule chose to study masonry as he feels there is plenty of work available.

Before attending BVTI to train as a mason, Kule was a subsistence farmer and generated a small income from cash crops, such as onions.  During his training he will need to continue farming to earn an income but once he graduates, he hopes to earn as much in a month as he earned as a farmer in a year.

Kule lives with his wife and a 5-year-old child and he hopes to build his own house and send his children to school.