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Almost two and half years ago now, The Samaritans Care Providers project in Zambia, received their consignment of Workaid donated tools to equip their carpentry and electrical training workshop. Since their project has grown, establishing an additional workshop in the busy market centre. This has driven a rise in the number of enquiring students and built a stable reputation within the community.  They have found themselves flush with construction contracts and high demand for their quality manufactured doors. Our tool donations have increased their efficiency and output as they no longer struggle using blunt tools.

For the future, the project plans to continue the expansion of its workshop facilities and their repertoire of courses. They’re hoping to involve more of the community with their carpentry, mechanic, electrical, sewing and tailoring programme.

Mumba, an electrical trainee, sent us a letter detailing the difference his newly acquired skill-set has made to his livelihood. Earnings from establishing a mobile phone shop enabled him to support his children through school, the rental on his home and land with plans to build his own home. In addition, these provisions have allowed him to support his brother in pursuing a college diploma in Nursing and Midwifery.

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Letter from Mumba

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