Jofrey, Basu Bandu Rural Development

We last met Jofrey in 2022, when he had completed training at Basu Community Rural Development Organization (BACORUDO) in sheet metal and fabrication.

Jofrey continues to train students and work on his own steel metal fabrication and welding to supplement his income from Basu Bandu. As a motivated and high-quality fabricator, Jofrey has been able to build his business. He continues to fabricate treadle sewing machines for Basu Bandu and has recently been subcontracted to Albert Valley Institute for Vocational Studies to fabricate their machines for projects.

In place of the inappropriate pair of dark sunglasses he was making do with, Jofrey now has a full-face auto darkening mask, donated by Workaid! His mask is used with such appreciation.

As a result of Jofrey’s efforts he has been able to save money through his welding, fabrication, and training. He plans to build a house in his village.